World Wrap Master Architect - Duncan MacOwen

Duncan MacOwen has been with FESPA for the past decade, organising their global events. Setting up the World Wrap Master Series to highlight the level of skill in the worldwide wrapping community has been one of Duncan’s biggest event successes to date.


Now in its 10th year, the World Wrap Master Series is set to hold its UK & Ireland heat in the inaugural WrapFest event at Silverstone later this month. This will be the first year that a Wrap Master competition will be held inside an event that is solely focused on the wrapping community. Aside from the prestige of holding the UK & Ireland Wrap Master title, the winner of the competition will head to Munich with travel and accommodation expenses paid to compete for the global title in May. FESPA are a global membership organisation, founded to connect people and share information (which happened long before the internet). Over the years, the World Wrap Master Series has promoted this ethos by offering tips and tricks sessions on the periphery of the competition, and WrapFest is set to continue and extend this in the future. Although not a seasoned wrapper himself, Duncan says, “I have a huge respect for the installers, it’s genuinely a craft. It’s obviously very physically demanding as well as technically demanding, and I love the creativity of wrapping and the humour and humility of all the wrappers I’ve met from around the world.”


So, what can this year’s entrants expect once the competition is underway?


The Rounds

The competition is run as a typical pyramid elimination structure, with each competitor working on a different car and the opening rounds being shorter due to time constraints. Initial rounds might see a door or a single panel wrapped before moving on to more complex areas. There is also a creative round, where wrappers use a colour-change vinyl to create a design of their own on an unusual shape. Previous wraps for this round have included race helmets, mannequins, water flasks and speakers; the possibilities only end when your imagination does. 


The Judging

There is a well-established, well-tested, crafted set of criteria that all of the judges use across every Wrap Master competition. Competitors are judged primarily on the quality of the installation, and how neat and tidy their work is. This is the most heavily weighted criterion and, as expected, speed is a factor. All wrapping work must be completed within a period of time, but this is a secondary factor to completing a quality installation. Other factors on which the judges will score participants include how tidy their workspace is and how methodically they are working, although these are not as heavily weighted. 


The Competitors

Although every participant is hoping to win the title, the value of entering extends beyond the exposure that undoubtedly comes with the territory. Wrappers are given the opportunity to benchmark their skills against the best in the business and can benefit from the experience of sharing knowledge and camaraderie that’s born from the event. One thing Duncan has seen time and time again is that the competitors share a bond. He explains, “regardless of language, background, age or gender, they are all welcoming and supportive of one another. Even where language can be a barrier, they all speak wrap.”


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