Why Vinyl Needs Video In 2023

The entire existence of this industry relies on aesthetics.


Customers want to stand out from their competition and whichever sector you are in, it’s your job to provide the goods. Sign and graphics companies need to give their customers the wow factor with their designs. Architectural film companies refurbish surroundings to improve their appearance; be that a kitchen or a hotel lobby. Countless people take their cars to wrap shops for a more distinctive look than the one that came out of the showroom.


Whilst there are hundreds of ways that the sign and graphics industry helps other businesses to become recognised brands, it is easy to forget to promote yourself in the process. There are thousands upon thousands of signage companies from the UK alone who post consistently on Instagram. Photographs of your work are essential as case studies, whether you are a small business or a sole trader.
But the growing trend is video.


Platforms such as Instagram are desperate for videos. As we all know, the goal of any social media platform is to get its users to spend as much time as possible mindlessly scrolling through their newsfeeds. It takes longer to watch a video than it does a photograph, so it makes sense that your video content would reach a wider audience if it is of good quality. Rival video platform, Tiktok, has facilitated the growth of some previously unknown brands into six-figure businesses overnight. It is quite rare that anyone thinks their day job is exhilarating but working with vinyl and other associated sign materials is visually appealing to consumers. Satisfying to watch and with unbelievable transformations, there is something addictive about even the smallest tasks you do every day without much thought.

Raising brand awareness, showcasing your skillset and sharing your expertise with others is never a bad thing. With an increasing number of potential customers leaning towards video, there has never been a better time to up your video game and get a head start on your competition.


Content Ideas for Your Industry


Educational Videos

You may not want to give away all your trade secrets. But you will be considered a leader if you can teach others how to learn your craft. Short, educational videos appeal to a wide audience. Some people will want to practise at home, some will want to buy from you because you know what you’re talking about. The people who want to learn along with you may never turn into customers, but they won’t put you out of business either.


Behind The Scenes

Everybody likes a before and after. They look polished and professional, but they rarely show any of the work that goes into making the finished article look so good. Videos of your team in action, designing and printing out the graphics before the installation are just as captivating as the end result.


Brand Videos

A film-like video that gets across what you do quickly is the staple video content of most brands. The useful thing about a brand video is that you can repurpose this for your website and use it as evergreen (never ageing) content. Brand videos are usually shot and edited by a professional.


Satisfying Videos

Wrapping a wing mirror, pulling back architectural film from a vision panel, making an LED sign, watching a large format printer go back and forth…the list is endless when it comes to the satisfying videos you can make for anything sign and graphics related. Anybody with a smartphone can film this as a short clip and you will be surprised by the number of eyes you can get on your page off the back of it.


Informative Videos

You probably get asked the same questions repeatedly by your customers. You might have them displayed on your website as FAQ’s but you probably answer the same questions over and over again regardless. Why not turn these into short-form video content? You’ll have to get comfortable in front of the camera but people like to see who they’ll be working with so it’s a win-win if you can get over the initial discomfort.



Once you’ve familiarised yourself with making videos, you can improve your skills over time. Instagram Reels and Tiktok trends might become second nature to you. And if not, there’s a generation of social-media-savvy people who can create it for you on a freelance basis. One thing is for sure: if you don’t invest some time into it, your competition will.



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