Why Kitchen Wrapping is Set For Explosive Growth In 2023

The trend of kitchen wrapping has increased rapidly in popularity over the past few years.


The rising costs of just about everything have meant that homeowners are searching for ways of renovating on a much tighter budget than they were pre-pandemic. As experienced installers will know, the pros of kitchen wrapping go far beyond budget costs. Whether you have been wrapping kitchens for years or have recently started out on your journey, it can never hurt to cast your eye over the selling points, products available, and professional development opportunities out there.

Selling the Concept to Potential Customers

Easy Cleaning and Durability

Vinyl is a tough, resilient material that can handle everyday wear and tear without losing its colour or shape. It’s a great choice for kitchens, where cabinets and other surfaces are likely to be exposed to spills, splashes, and other kinds of damage.  Additionally, because vinyl is non-porous, it is easy to clean and maintain – homeowners can simply wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove dirt, grime, and stains.


Cost Efficiency

Vinyl wrapping is a cost-effective way to give your kitchen a new look. It is much less expensive than installing a new kitchen, which involves tearing out old cabinets and installing new ones. The hidden costs of a complete remodel should also be noted, skips, labour to remove the existing kitchen, and any patch plastering that comes with major works can be avoided by refurbishing with architectural film.



The time it takes one person to wrap a whole kitchen varies but is usually no longer than three days. Your customers will have the use of your kitchen in the evenings whilst the work is completed, a huge benefit in comparison to a traditional kitchen renovation.


No Mess / Quiet Installation

Renovating with architectural film is not a noisy activity. You can carry out kitchen wrapping in a home and barely disturb your customers. At the end of the day, all that will be left is a rubbish bag, rather than dust all over your worktops.


Environmentally Friendly

With the whole world becoming more aware of sustainability issues and making a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint, it makes sense to upgrade what you already have. Sending a whole kitchen to landfill unnecessarily is no longer the only option for those looking to upgrade their kitchen.

Hot Kitchen Wrapping Products for 2023

Cover Styl’

Cover Styl’ is an architectural film front-runner every year. Even with cheaper options available on the market, kitchen wrappers still seem to be leaning towards what they know.



Surfex’s range of interior films are on the rise with installers. Over the past month, we’ve seen mentions of their materials all over social media and it comes highly recommended by several experienced kitchen wrapping companies. It’s definitely one to try out this year.



A more cost-effective offering for those customers who don’t have the budget for some of the pricier alternatives. The range is small in comparison to giants like Coverstyl’ but it has been appearing steadily in newsfeeds over the last year.


LX Hausys

Similarly priced to Cover Styl’, LX Hausys Benif interior films are of great quality and also come in a huge number of designs. A lot of the designs are similar to those you would find from Cover Styl’, so if a design isn’t in stock, you can offer this as an alternative.

2023 Predictions from Our Readers

“It’s only going to get more and more popular. Slowly but surely more people are seeing the benefits of vinyl and interior wrapping so choosing to wrap a kitchen rather than throwing it in landfill will make a massive difference to our carbon footprint. Even if we only wrapped 200 kitchens a year as a small company – that’s 200 perfectly good kitchens saved from being thrown in a skip.”


-John Gray, Creative Kitchen Wraps


“I am very positive about the future of kitchen wrapping & look forward to seeing how these materials can continue to improve in quality & choices available to the end user.”


– Daniel Heaton, D27 Vinyl Wrapping Ltd

Professional Development Opportunities

William Smith Group 1832’s Architextural Kitchen Training Course


2022 saw the highly successful launch of William Smith’s kitchen wrapping course. With a large proportion of the Architextural Installation Network specialising in kitchen wraps, a course dedicated to the intricacies of these specific applications is beneficial to both new businesses looking to diversify into this market and those wanting to refresh their skills.


For this specialist 2-day course, William Smith brought on board a new trainer in Phil Moran, owner of Wrapture Architectural Wraps, to share his expertise. Phil is working alongside The Training Academy’s Gill Harrison to deliver a comprehensive kitchen wrap course.


The course begins with a morning theory session before moving to the Wrap Room for hands-on practical training using 3M DI-NOC and Cover Styl’ materials. Topic areas include preparation, cut and fold / warm and form techniques, worktop joins, a variety of door styles, worktop appliances, repairs, and splice joins.


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