Kitchen Wrapping with Wraps by AJ

Andy Mears, of Wraps by AJ, shares his kitchen wrapping success with us.


What’s your background in the industry?

I have previously done kitchen fitting and oven cleaning which helped me when I started out but everything I have learnt has mainly been self-taught in my own kitchen and watching YouTube tutorials.

What is it about kitchen wrapping that you most enjoy?

It has to be the finished product. When you look back at how it looked before and you see how much you’ve transformed the space. 99% of the customers are over the moon and can’t believe what can be done with a little vinyl wrap.

Which material(s) would you recommend to others for kitchen wrapping?

If I could use the same material on every job it would be an architectural film which I use on every worktop I wrap. I have tried the cheaper Fablon materials and they just don’t do it for me personally but I do use signwriting film only for the doors as it makes the price a lot more affordable for the customer and isn’t used in the same way a worktop is obviously.

What was key to building such a large Facebook community?

I’ve built my Facebook community through my business and group pages by posting regularly showing the content of exactly what I do and how it can make a kitchen look even better (and of course, saving the customer money which is the main reason anyone has their kitchen wrapped compared to splashing out on a brand new kitchen).

Are there certain platforms you prefer to market your business (and why)?

I mainly use Facebook to promote my business as that’s where my age demographic has been over the last few years but am dipping my toes into the world of TikTok too, of course.

How many kitchen wraps have you completed so far?

I’ve lost count of the number of kitchens I’ve wrapped, to be honest. Kitchens doors, worktops and wardrobes are my main line of work but I have wrapped plenty of different things through the years.

Do you have any advice you could pass on to newcomers to the industry?

Research the best materials you can use as you don’t just want to use anything in someone’s kitchen which is one of the main parts of their home.

Practice as much as possible in your own kitchen or your family’s kitchens, or even buy a few doors to practice on before setting foot in a paying customer’s home.

Where do you see your business being in the next five years?

If this industry continues to expand in the way it has already over the next five years I’d like to see a few more of my vans on the road and plenty more happy customers along the way. 


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