Jetsetting with EPF Graphics

Travelling can be a huge plus in a vehicle wrapping career. Find out more about how Dave Todd has turned EPF Graphics into a company equipped to travel around the globe in vehicle graphics.


Dave Todd wasn’t expecting to be on a plane to Japan as part of the Le Mans team so early on after founding his company, EPF Graphics. Beginning with a small set-up in his garage making stickers, a stroke of luck came shortly afterwards from (of all places) a mutual Facebook connection. Since that call 7 years ago, Dave has travelled to far-flung places across the globe, naming Japan, Argentina, Australia and a whole host of European countries as some of his visited destinations. He is now an experienced wrapper in the field of racing, specialising in design, production and installation services. Dave is living proof that if you have the travelling bug, vehicle wrapping can be the perfect industry to enter. Honing his skills and being a fast learner, he is now a trusted part of Laverty’s Racing, BMW World Superbikes, Yamaha and Honda teams.


Clocking up the air miles over the past 7 years, Dave is keen to stress that whilst it may sound like an idyllic lifestyle, the hours can be long and the sightseeing short. Working abroad also comes with its challenges. Taking a complete set of anything wrapping-related on an aeroplane is virtually impossible, and so late-night visits to pharmacies in foreign countries to pick up alcohol for cleaning, or locating essential primers are all part of the fun. Nevertheless, he’s made it work, and earned himself a stellar reputation amongst the teams he works for. Being into motorsport, Dave takes great pride in the fact that his work can be seen on the tracks once he’s completed it. 


In addition to wrapping the vehicles for motorsports teams, Dave has also been tasked with prestigious helmet wraps for competitors, which allows him to show his creative flair alongside his wrapping skills. Working alongside Michael Laverty, a big name in the racing industry, Dave wrapped the team’s trailer, which carries the responsibility of promoting the team and its sponsors as well as a huge entourage. With every day bringing new challenges, there is never a dull moment, whatever the size of the project. 


One of the downsides to working abroad so often is that other projects are put on the back burner. EPF Graphics launched its own training academy for vehicle wrapping, to inspire others in the area to enter the industry and improve the skills of those in the industry. But as with any new venture, it takes time to plan, market and implement, something that is ten times more difficult if you aren’t even on home soil. As another year of motorsport gets underway, Dave is as busy as ever, meaning a temporary pause to his plans for the training academy. Knowing the value that he can offer to others in the industry, EPF Graphics are set to resume the courses at their Stockton-on-Tees HQ as soon as there is a break in the schedule.


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