Festival Fever - Showstopping Custom Vehicle Wraps

There’s a dynamic connection between music festivals and custom vehicle wraps that’s rapidly gaining momentum.



As events bursting with creativity and energy, music festivals provide a vibrant backdrop for showcasing a spectrum of dazzling vehicle wrap designs. This canvas is utilised across a variety of vehicles, from food trucks to artist tour buses and promotional vehicles. We delve deeper into this exciting trend and explore how it is transforming promotional strategies for businesses and artists alike.



Food for Thought: Food Trucks


Music festivals and food trucks are a match made in heaven. Colourful food trucks serve the dual purpose of nourishing festival-goers and adding to the visual extravaganza. Vinyl graphics can transform a food truck into a moving advertisement, catching the eyes of hungry festival attendees. A perfect example is the bright and playful design of The Grilled Cheese Truck – wrapped by Fleet Wraps – which can be seen at many LA-based festivals, turning heads with its lively wrap.


The Artist’s Chariot: Tour Buses


Custom wraps extend beyond the realm of food trucks and have made their mark on artist tour buses. A strikingly wrapped tour bus does more than transport artists—it serves as a moving billboard, drumming up excitement and promoting the artist’s brand. A notable example comes from the pop music sensation, Taylor Swift. During her 2018 “Reputation Stadium Tour”, Swift’s tour bus showcased an attention-grabbing wrap featuring monochrome imagery of the artist herself, intertwined with news-style typography reflecting the album’s theme. This bold wrap not only amplified the album’s message but also provided a visual connection to Swift’s evolving brand, causing a stir wherever it travelled.



Promotional Vehicles: Branding on the Go


Many companies leverage the festival scene to promote their brands using custom-wrapped vehicles. The eye-catching Red Bull Mini Cooper with a massive can on its back is a staple sight at many festivals. These mobile advertisements not only grab attention but also act as unique photo opportunities for festival-goers, amplifying the brand’s reach on social media.


Vehicle Art Installations


Festivals, particularly those with a strong arts focus like Burning Man, often feature stationary vehicles used as art installations. These vehicles, covered in intricate wraps, contribute to the festival’s visual landscape and provide unique interactive experiences. A prime example is the Mayan Warrior Art Car at Burning Man, a spectacle of lights, music, and vinyl artwork, which is an event highlight each year.



Unleashing Creativity: The Art of Vehicle Wrap Design


In the realm of festival vehicle wraps, creativity knows no bounds. Companies and artists alike continuously push the envelope to create designs that not only resonate with their brand but also captivate the festival audience. This blend of artistry and marketing strategy calls for a deep understanding of both the product being promoted and the festival’s vibe.


The success of a wrap design lies in its ability to encapsulate the essence of the brand while fitting seamlessly into the festival’s atmosphere. It’s about capturing the viewer’s attention and holding it long enough to leave a lasting impression. This balance between stand-out design and brand integrity is what makes the difference between an ordinary vehicle and a show-stopper at a festival.


An excellent demonstration of the perfect blend of design ingenuity and brand integrity can be found in BMW’s involvement in the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. BMW i, the automaker’s electric vehicle division, showcased a fleet of their i3 models, each wrapped with unique designs created by international artists for the #RoadToCoachella campaign. These wraps were not only visually stunning, but they also perfectly embodied the festival’s innovative and creative spirit, successfully grabbing the attention of attendees and generating a buzz around BMW’s electric vehicle range.


This convergence of art, technology, and vehicle wrapping at festivals opens up opportunities for brands to engage with their audience in a unique, visual, and memorable way. With such innovative approaches, the festival scene will undoubtedly continue to serve as a vibrant platform for creativity in the realm of vehicle wrapping for the foreseeable future.



Designing for Festivals: Challenges and Opportunities


Designing vehicle wraps for festivals presents unique challenges and opportunities. The wrap must be eye-catching, and able to stand out amidst the festival’s visual chaos. The design should align with the brand’s identity or the artist’s aesthetic while resonating with the festival vibe. It’s a delicate balancing act, but when done right, it can result in a show-stopping vehicle that wows the crowd and amplifies visibility.


The appeal of custom vehicle wraps at festivals is evident. They offer artists, businesses, and even festival organizers a dynamic way to advertise, promote, and enhance the festival experience. Given the creative freedom and high visibility these events provide, it’s clear that the festival circuit will continue to drive innovation and excitement in the world of custom vehicle wrapping.


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