Corey England on being a vehicle wrapping entrepreneur

Corey England, owner of Wrap Capital gives us the lowdown of his vehicle wrapping journey so far, and how he’s become so successful on social media.


How did you begin your wrapping journey?


I’m actually a qualified vehicle painter, studying vehicle refinishing for 2 years in college and I spent a number of years starting and running my own body shop for repairs and custom paint. I noticed the vehicle customising market start to slowly transition away from paint, with vinyl technology improving to a standard where a correctly installed wrap was getting close to the finish of paint. With wraps being a much more cost effective option of customising a car, I decided to move away from paint and teach myself to wrap. For me, wrapping gives just as much satisfaction as laying fresh paint!


At what point did you decide to take the leap of faith into becoming an entrepreneur?


When I started Wrap Capital in 2016, I went at it alone. I figured I could only truly create the shop I had envisioned if I took the leap by myself.


Why do you think you’ve been so successful on social media?


I have constantly adapted our social media page over time, monitoring what works and the trends that change. I found the key is to keep posts succinct and to the point. People are visually stimulated and pay more attention to imagery and less time reading.


Has being a business owner helped you to reach any personal goals?


With my dedication and some smart choices I’ve managed to buy my own dream car – a Lamborghini Huracan. But aside from that, most importantly, is the development of my character. Running my own business has brought many challenging choices, problem solving and pre-emptive action – you can’t put a price on that! 


What have been the highlights of your career so far?


Entering two wrap competitions – UK wrap battle held by Hexis, I placed 3rd in 2019 and 2nd in 2022. With a short time in the game compared to many competitors, it was not only a great challenge but also a great way to measure my own ability against the UK’s top installers. There’s rarely a time you can necessarily benchmark your own skill level, so this was perfect for that. Next up is my involvement with WrapFest!


Are there any downsides to owning your own business?


Sleep! You can never get enough of it. But in all seriousness, it’s not for the half committed or faint hearted. Expect every day to be a challenge, you will eat sleep and breathe your business and every buck stops with you. It requires a certain mindset to be able to deal with constant pressure and challenges at the hardest of times and the ability to make choices you aren’t comfortable with that might not be in the best interests for yourself, but are for the business.


What are your hopes for Wrap Capital in the future?


I was very ambitious, looking ahead at having a large team and premises to create a one stop custom shop for the southwest. As time has passed I realised that sometimes although ambition is great and important, things aren’t quite exactly how you envision them. Looking forward I will remain a small closely knit focused team, but slightly expanding on our strengths and explore of new ways to stay ahead of the game.


Do you use any products/materials that you can recommend to our readers?


Teckwrap is an underrated vinyl brand and tends to have negative stigma from installers who don’t correctly understand the vinyl and how to correctly install. With the right use, the product looks incredible when installed with the best finish in the game, and the range of colours they provide is unrivalled.


Are there any changes you like to see in the industry?


It would be good to see the top vinyl brands innovate their materials faster and provide colour refreshes more often. It seems the industry is developing faster than some vinyl manufacturers realise.



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