Avery Dennison Q&A

Avery Dennison answers our questions ahead of WrapFest


How has the technology of wrapping products changed throughout your time in the industry?

The fundamentals are the same. A good wrapping film is easy and quick to apply – being repositionable, highly conformable, with good air egress. That adds up to giving the all-important ‘paint-like’ finish that vehicle owners are looking for. Having said that, we are constantly evolving and improving these and other key features like weatherability. In addition, the number of colours, finishes and effects has significantly increased over the years.


What advancements would you like to see in the technology of wrapping films?

As a supplier, we see a lot of different scenarios, generating strands for research. ‘What should come next?’ is ultimately a question for customers to answer, which is why partnering with installers and vehicle owners is a priority for us to help understand their needs. 


What do you predict will happen to the vehicle wrapping industry market?

The most important thing for installers is growth. There is every sign that this industry is going places – we are seeing strong and increased demand, and our strategies are based around keeping things fresh so that we remain at the forefront.


Are there any trends you’ve seen over the past 12 months within the industry?

New trends are emerging all the time, as exceptional creativity from installers triggers waves of demand. New colour releases are especially important, of course, and we are also seeing expanding demand for paint protection films.


What challenges are your customers currently facing and how are you supporting them?

Inflation and supply chain issues have been affecting pretty much every industry over recent months. Our response has been to work both internally and with our suppliers to minimise the inflationary effect and keep supplies coming.


How can we raise installation standards across the sector?

Good training can help not only at the start of a career but also along the way. Avery Dennison wrap training courses are designed to support individuals as they develop their skills at every level. The accreditation it offers is also important – it helps an end customer to identify a reputable installer and gives installers a marketing tool.


What advice would you give to those starting out on their wrapping career?

Nothing beats a good referral, which means that a focus on quality really counts. Your reputation is built by providing excellent quality and service. That is partly down to the individual installer, taking care throughout installation, but it also comes down to using a high-quality product. The right film will get you closer to the vision of perfection that the end customer has in mind.


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