Anderson Vinyl Wraps Talk Kitchen Wrapping

Allan Anderson, Dundee-based owner of Anderson Vinyl Wraps, talks to us about kitchen wrapping, his journey so far and his hopes for the future within the industry.



What’s your background working with vinyl?

I started out playing around with vinyl wrap in 2014 messing about covering MacBooks etc. In early 2017 it became more of a hobby so I started trying out bigger things like the roof of my car and some of my family’s kitchens and this is where the business idea started.


What made you decide to take the leap to become self-employed?

After 2 years of starting out as self-employed, I was also working in a care home doing 3 12-hour shifts a week alongside the kitchen wraps. After the 2 years since I started the business, I have always been booked a few months in advance and this showed no sign of slowing down so I decided to leave the care home and give 100% time and effort to Anderson Vinyl Wraps.


Do you work alone or as part of a team?

We are a team of two at the moment. 


How many kitchens (on average) do you wrap in a week? 

4/5 on average, although on a busy week, we can do up to 7. 


Which interior films would you recommend for kitchens?

We predominantly use Surfex interior films due to the quality of the materials they have on offer and especially as the service we receive from Thomas our account manager is absolutely first class. I don’t believe you wouldn’t get this service from any other suppliers.

The other vinyl we use is LX Hausys. We believe this is near enough as good as Surfex but with some extra finishes. Cover Styl’ is also another good vinyl to work with but to install isn’t as easy as the two mentioned above.


Best part(s) of the job?

For me, the best part of my job is the end outcome. Once we have finished the job, our customers are extremely happy with the service we have provided. Another part of the job I’ve enjoyed has been travelling. We have been extremely fortunate when starting out that we had reputable companies employ us to do some work for them which 100% helped us to get to we are today and meant that we could travel around the UK seeing different places. 


Worst part(s)?

Definitely the admin side! It seems to be never-ending.


What’s unique about your company?


I believe our customer service and overall finish definitely make us stand out in the market.


Any tips you’d give to installers starting out?

If you are unsure always ask for advice. Every day is a learning day, believe in yourself as practice makes perfect.


What do you think the future holds for kitchen wrapping?

I believe the kitchen wrapping sector will see a massive rise due to everyday costs going up. Brand new kitchens are becoming more and more expensive and the price is putting consumers off. Going down the vinyl route gives you endless outcomes and customers can change their kitchens more as it will cost a huge amount less 


What are you most passionate about in your company?

Our customer service as our customers support us endlessly by sharing our socials and promoting our company by word of mouth -they keep us going. We always go the extra mile for them as we wouldn’t be where we are without them. We couldn’t thank them enough for giving us the amazing opportunities we have had. 


What are the long-term goals for Anderson Vinyl Wraps?

To become one of the biggest names in the industry.


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